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Our Success Stories

Business Context
A Multi-National R&D Company targeted 50% CAGR growth in revenue leveraging on integrating Platforms with Products for Diversified Markets. They were focussed on get employees excited about the opportunity through change, oblivious to the fact, that in contract, the changes in the Business Environment actually accounted to “Employees Fear of Change”?

Assessment of People Imperative to drive Business Needs
1. Taking Charge- Risk Taking & Experimentation
2. Maintaining a positive Outlook in time of Crises
3. Shared Sense of Purpose (among Stakeholder’s)
4. Move from Control/Dependency Oriented Syndrome to being Achievement Oriented 

Our Intervention
A Human Process Lab were conducted to help employees experience, reflect and realize that beliefs arouse 

the emotional motivation and to seek actions aligned to the business strategy.

Business Success Measures

  • Improved Ownership evident through the 30% reduction in Rework/ Defect Density
  • Improved Time to Market evident through 20% reduction in Cycle Time
  • 1.5X increase in Repeat Orders for the Company Leading to Sustainability 

While there are Ledger Books measuring Financial Capital, 80% of Organization Don’t measure the Human Capital?” The Organization in this case study decided to leverage on measuring Human Capital to deliver Business Performance.

Business Context 
The Top Management of this Global Academic Institution targeted 3X times Revenue Growth by strategically measuring the Human Capital.

Their three-fold Objective was to
1. Measure the Performance of Business Strategy
2. Measure the Performance on the Job
3. Measure the Performance of Service Orientation to improve Business Centricity

Our Intervention
We designed & deployed a Scientific Framework & Assessment Tool to measure the Human Capital namely:

  • Balance Score Card
  • X Matrix for Cascading
  • Competency Assessment Framework
  • Organization Leadership Assessment -Business & Service Orientation

Business Success Measures
Harness Actions rather than reasons to drive business outcomes. Leadership Assessment using Online Survey jumped 70 Base Points influencing culture of Ownership & Performance.

Objective Evaluation KPI’s Linked to Business Imperatives.
The Academic Institution is currently being ranked in Top 20 in Forbes List for Five Consecutive Years

Business Context
Decisions making in most companies are taken based on Recorded Data but where are Insights? The success of the decision is determined by Insights and The Top Management of this Global Shipping Company targeted influencing business Outcomes by strategically measuring the Insights. 

1. Measure the Insights using HR Analytics
2. Connect Hindsight & Verify Insights to get the Foresight
3. Companies focus Dash Boards to get measures but does it give direction

Our Intervention
Designed & Developed a “Door to HR Analytics”, a facilitative Workshop, to experience, measure & predict using Data Analytics

Business Success Measures
The Decision Making and Prediction of Outcomes improved by over 50% using Insights
Improvement in Mitigating Risks by over 50% through Predictive Modelling The Revenue through Business Outcomes improved by 20% in One Quarter by moving away from lag indicators to lead indicators

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Harsha has an entrepreneurial mindset with strategic business outlook. Harsha strongly believes that life is not a single road journey but an exploration through varied avenues. Soon after her education, she started her entrepreneurial journey in her family owned export business by successfully managing and expanding business operations for more than two decades.

Harsha is the backbone when it comes to operations at 60 Bits Consulting. She skillfully wears and manages multiple hats of Finance, Admin, Logistics, Stores and Purchase in addition to managing 60 Bits Export business independently.

Harsha is passionate about women empowerement and education for all.

Kala is a Co-Founder of 60 Bits Consulting and has a mind of an eternal student, innovator and creative artist. Kala is a specialist in leadership development workshops through the medium of Creative Arts. Through her result oriented and facilitative approach, she leaves an indelible impact on her audience.

Kala is a captivating Educator and Facilitative Trainer with over 10+ years of professional experience from diversified fields such as Corporates, NGOs, Administrative bodies.

Kala holds Masters in Organic Chemistry and Diploma in Psychology. Kala specializes in the areas of Drama, Dance and Arts. Kala has facilitated many Communications, Peak Performance, Mindfulness, Empathetic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Team Building, Managerial Effectiveness workshops pan India. She is a practitioner of Improv Drama and Theatre of Oppressed that are necessary aids for Facili Trainer and Creative Facilitator.

Kala is certified and a Practitioner of Mindfulness for Well Being and Peak Performance, Certified Trainer from TISS, Certified in AI (Appreciative Inquiry) from Case Western Reserve University, USA and Certified Professional Process Facilitator. She represented India and conducted a session and was part of panel discussion at the world AIN Paris conference Aug 2018.

Kala is also a TEDx speaker and to hear her visithttps://youtu.be/rnfyb8Wb9pU

Shyam brings an interesting combination of people and practicality. His entrepreneurial perspective of the HR profession is founded on an unshakeable belief in people—and supported by his in-depth understanding of HR and Organizational Development. He brings 20 years of rich work experience in the HR function across multiple industries: Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, to name just a few. He has made significant contributions—at various stages of the maturity curve—for all kinds of companies, from start-ups to well established multinationals.

Shyam’s strengths based approach towards Competency based HRM, executing HR Strategies and OD interventions along with his strong belief in “If it is to be, it is up to me!” has led him to lead large organizations to develop high performing teams and work culture in India with a strong record of leadership and making organization employer of choice.

After a delightful and long professional career spanning with the Tata Group, that spanned 13 years out of which 9 years as heading HR Function at Tata Power SED, Shyam decided to step down from full time employment and venture into new pursuits and pursue his entrepreneurial dream of running a truly professional HR company 60 Bits Consulting based out of Mumbai, India to help organizations achieve long term value creation through a systematic process of building HR excellence in all facets of business. Shyam is a Certified Professional Facilitator [CPF] from the International Association of Facilitators [IAF] and also a Certified MBTI, NLP, ECR and ECR 360 Coaching, TA 101 and Mind Power practitioner.

Shyam has facilitated many HR initiatives and innovative people interventions which has won several external recognitions and industry best practices by external forums such as D&B, Business World, Working Mother Media and many more in Talent Development, Retention, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Cultural Transformation and Change Management.

Shyam has been conferred with the prestigious “HR Leadership Award” at the 7th Employer Branding Awards, 2012. He is an avid blogger and his few sundry thoughts gets aggregated at www.shyamviyer.co.in